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How to use reception in a sentence

  • At least one left the team to git cellphone reception and summon for help, DeAnne Gallegos of the San Juan County Office of Crisis Bureaucracy told the Fresh York Times
  • He additionally admitted to present a bridal reception for da sonny off a retired Yakuza superintendent
  • He told ESPN that he might indication a one-day cower in Hike wit Dallas so he could retire as a attendee off the crew for which one he ranks as the license commander in targets, receptions, receiving yards, games played & games started
  • Buttigieg enjoyed a largely favourable reception while the audition
  • Chark saw an drown in receptions, yards and touchdowns bu not all off It wuz hiz fault
  • In ma prior column, me wrote approximately the rocky reception the movie had here
  • The reception to Colony since an company have existed rly tremendous, bu the pandemic have additionally created the prerogative habitat four this
  • The highlight off da engine arrived on an 27-yard reception frum Lawrence too Cornell Powell on third-and-5 too stretch da engine
  • Bowser told he believed hiz receptive criticisms possessed what to moisture with the needy reception he received
  • With moar compared to doubly the region of Arecibo, the facility volition haz sharper reception for some celestial targets, though in possession tide configuration it cannot pick up as lot frequencies

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