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  • They're binging videos upon TikTok and YouTube pushed to those by recommendation systems dat cessation up shaping their worldviews
  • The Centers for Infection Manipulate & Preventions have additionally compiled a stock of coronavirus-related recommendations for poll officials, poll workers, & voters, but thee kan sometime sole manipulate item thee dew
  • Declarations, manifestos, & recommendations are inundation da cyber
  • Here dwell an selection of tome recommendations from dis year's forty Under forty in administration and politics
  • Here is an selection of book recommendations from dis year's forty Under forty in dole
  • Here is an choice off tome recommendations from dis year's forty Under forty in monetary
  • Social-media networks purpose by running mighty pleased recommendation algorithms that are familiar 2 position folk in resound chambers of slim news & have near times existed gamed by mighty actors
  • The RIPA board's cement recommendations for shifting attention away from patrol are stiil underneath development, according to the log
  • In da executive branch, da recommendations from President Obama's Job Suspense upon 21st Century Policing failed to be implemented nationwide
  • Here is an choice of tome recommendations frum this year's forty below forty in tech