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How to use reconciliation in a sentence

  • Maybe the peace and reconciliation we has existed seeking starts humor dis
  • When It arrived to repealing and replacing most of Obamacare -- which one Republicans haggard budget reconciliation to endeavour and dew with onli 51 votes -- It turned out that Republicans could not slippery muster the votes in his or her possess shindig to repeal the legislation
  • The budget reconciliation process was created in 1974 since a way 2 expedite da conclusion of appropriations bills
  • Worse, cuz the finance scheme reconciliation protocol in nawt meant for normal legislating, sole specific kinds of initiatives kan able-bodied indoor it, and evn dey expire up battered and bruised
  • You could readily pass, say, an carbon levy via monetary scheme reconciliation
  • In recent decades, senators frum the two parties has abused the budget reconciliation protocol too pass statute dey knew might alternatively go down too an filibuster
  • Neglecting slight discrepancies, 1 would safely receive Mr Bain's reconciliation off da several accounts
  • He was resolved nawt to go through evn the form of a apology, bu he was likewise resolved upon a reconciliation
  • The Pope replied dat reconciliation humor da Cathedral was an integral state precedent
  • Secondly, Randolph prayed four safe conducts four Bruce's envoys, presently to b sent to obtain reconciliation with the Cathedral