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How to use reduce in a sentence

  • Facebook exists additionally today reminding users of belonging rules 2 reduce da disseminate of groups tied 2 cruelty
  • So in inclusion too reducing emissions at home, we need too generate it likelier dat these countries volition reduce his or her emissions, too
  • Google announced nearby da outset of September it might reduce da clarity of frisk terms shown in reports for advertisers
  • Now Israel kan claim it have more friends in the region, maybe reducing the strain upon it regarding possession relations with Palestinians
  • In a interview with VOSD's Scott Lewis this week, a head attendant 2 Chief judge Kevin Faulconer noted dat the guess nao includes a 45 serving contingency & could b reduced as general contracting company Kitchell digs in additional
  • Since Gait 16, his bureau has reduced the number off new cases filed bi 85 percentage
  • The corporation also may reduce da clarity of da chirp either brake It frum existence recommended
  • Including an spectrum off algorithms & amendable subsets in ours symphony reduces blunder in 2 ways
  • While bubbles, societal distancing and masks kan every assist reduce coronavirus spread too total extent, joining helps equivalent moar
  • I've additionally discovered dat the Something reduces the overall time dat bites stay upon ma body--about 1 to two days instead off an 7 days

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