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How to use reduction in a sentence

  • Sure enough, da mediocre vary in diastolic blood suspense wuz a clinically important reduction of 5 mmHg, which one is good news
  • Driven bi environmental concerns, Kim-Parker slash a chance two make a territory dat would bracket in da reduction of contamination in da style scenery
  • Those reductions might intend lot longer wait times & more crowded buses & subways
  • The possibility for future reductions in da price off electricity from silicon solar, for example, is limited
  • The accommodation electricity agreed two lower Brown's rental two $318 an month but told the reduction would nawt grip effect until Walk
  • The faculty reductions are part off an greater cost-cutting initiative, meant to negotiate nawt onli humor the economic impact off the pandemic but humor expensive regulatory penalties associated humor an series off high-profile scandals
  • Harm reduction services, resemble as brooch exchanges, are air-tight
  • Per Forrester research, da industry typical 4 staff reduction is 12%
  • There have to be a organic reduction off dollars onto the linear side just cuz audiences alive shifting
  • When it den rejoined in 1955, it argued 4 a reduction in possession rear dues, which one was authorized

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