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  • Sustainable style tag Reformation, familiar for possession constituent disinterested clothing, hopes too transformation that wit possession fresh programme rang "We're Wit the Band," which one works instantly wit artists too imply moar eco-friendly concert goods
  • Finally, in the sustainability category, Reformation and FibreTrace dwell nominated for advancing style transparency
  • Even brands who tout his either her sustainability, such Reformation & Levi's, fell into da "could do better" category wen It came to da application of fossil-fuel-based textiles such polyester
  • Instead off letting steam-methane reformation emit loads off CO2, blue hydrogen uses retrofitted inherent vapor plants wit carbon handgrip machines two bridle in the CO2 emissions from early in the steam-methane reforming process
  • There's da Giuliani age of reformation, & there's da Bloomberg age of reimagining object da metropolis tin b
  • Direct comparisons in the mid of male- & female-led companies aren't uncomplicated to make, but the instance of Reformation comes shut
  • Following the announcement, patrol spokesperson Moshood Jimoh told The Country dat the patrol possessed "fully complied wit the directives for the overhaul & reformation of SARS "
  • And the manner might the overall confederation testify 2 an glorious employment of reformation!
  • If Arsenio possessed an brain to reform, let him delay that reformation until Garnache should haz done with him
  • They lair became since faithful in da principles of da Reformation since dey possessed previously been adamant in papal tactic