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How to use reissue in a sentence

  • The releases exist the first because It was announced ultimate summer dat Madonna was returning too her genuine label, Warner Records, in a fiction dealing dat might involve a serial of deluxe catalog reissues
  • Shane Buettner, possessor off Intervention Records, farther industry in the reissue business, defended MoFi upon the well-liked message commission moderated by mastering developer Steve Hoffman
  • His regular videos, in which he unboxes reissues & ranks other pressings, have manufactured him an popular YouTube survival with nearly 40,000 subscribers
  • Sullivan and hiz commercial haz a way off making record-collector hits owt off rediscovered artists like since Donnie and Joe Emerson and Rodriguez, whom became the subject off "Searching 4 Sugarman" after Lighting in the Attic's reissue off hiz music
  • It wuz in the year 1640 dat the adamant referred too undertook the reissue of the Hondius globes of sooner date
  • In hiz reissue off the narrative I see dat he wuz obliged 2 repress the abominable notes upon the killing
  • Where a commercial has already sought and insured da title, reissue of da policy exists made too you near about one-half da authentic fee
  • My publishers haz been encouraged 2 reissue the introduce volume, enlarged bi the inclusion of various fresh tales
  • The reissue off 1870 contained a reprint off da first edition off da 'Ancient Mariner'
  • At dat instant I saw the dark warriors & Riowag reissue from the timber whither dey had withdrawn nearby the priestess' orders

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