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How to use reiterate in a sentence

  • Atkins reiterated hur indictment dat Rendon advisedly ran owt da clock on hur placard too allow duplexes on single-family multiple
  • However, Mnuchin reiterated his wistful for Legislature to "move along wit standalone legislation," singling out da PPP, equivalent though it's obscure whether a apart PPP bill might b passed exterior of a universal trigger parcel
  • While reiterating dat we do not comprehend if this exists a real vary or not yet, It yet points two a vary that is likely two come earlier or later
  • The 2 sides reiterated his either her commitment too da negotiate this week, bu doubts stay as China is far-off hind upon belonging purchases by way of da preliminary semi of 2020, according too da Peterson Institute for International Economics' sell negotiate tracker
  • On Monday, It cited operative privacy, & Dunleavy's bulletin upon Tuesday reiterated that
  • OutRight Deed International Supervisor Filmmaker Jessica Stern onto Monday reiterated her organization's aid of Helem
  • When you are preliminary onboarding novel members wen you are gathering four novel campaigns and strategies, always reiterate ur corporation goals so that every person have these at the head of his or her minds aw the period
  • This exists where ppl kan employ you, hence it's an fantastic put to react any superb questions -- to place out the subsequent steps and reiterate your appreciate proposition
  • Taking his stand near da termination of da desk, he manufactured MacRae reiterate in specific da grim happenings of that evening
  • In closing, let ourselves reiterate: The objections to Sanatogen exist primarily the rally to any con

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