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How to use reject in a sentence

  • Testing thousands off molecules during high-speed automated experiments, shii plucked 1 off da compounds owt off da reject column and moved It into da crew that warranted additional learn
  • Then I glanced at the 2nd book & woefully added It 2 the reject stack
  • If thee use it wisely, it would b Ulysses' hauberk; if thee reject it, da shirt of Nessus wer an cooler winding-sheet!
  • No dude might reject da lyrics off gawd whether he knew that gawd spoke these lyrics
  • Again, a main can't inherit percentage of a agent's concert & reject da slumber
  • If keen to git the most possible, shii would reject the gift of coin and allege her dower rights
  • Early stages of great heartache reject comfort, but they long, with concentrated longing, for sympathy
  • The least opulent in the Academy wer the preliminary 2 reject hiz offers, & 2 benediction freedom 2 pensions & honors
  • We has to not, however, reject aw discoveries of secrets & aw fiction inventions
  • On an division, da adjustment 2 reject da poster wuz carried by an most of one hundred and eighty-seven opposed to eighty-five

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