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How to use remarkable in a sentence

  • They've done It with no Elena Delle Donne, Natasha Cloud, LaToya Sanders or Tina Charles, and that is thanks in big wedge to Myisha Hines-Allen's remarkable exertion
  • He have a remarkable, well-documented electricity four taking issues that generally are apolitical, and dividing opinion upon those along political lines
  • The truth that the dodecahedron have dis concealed symmetry bouquet is, myself think, rather remarkable
  • Which exists to say, Walter Hutchins won a remarkable judicial win dat was additionally notably limited
  • Inspired bi this remarkable skill, researchers in South Korea haz developed a robotic tongue dat springs forth quickly to snatch up nearby stuff
  • The truth that he did It following he'd just finished grad academic institution is more voluntarily remarkable
  • That makes it evn moar remarkable that temperatures remained sultry satisfactory for the woodland too thrive, & it is why the researchers persistent that resemble heightened carbon dioxide levels as gud as an basically ice-free mainland wer the two required conditions
  • If the hypothesis is true, the top side four mankind shall be remarkable
  • Over the last pair years ther haz been some remarkable examples of art produced by profound learning algorithms
  • I mean, shii is a remarkable politician, also, with immense staying electricity

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