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How to use remembrance in a sentence

  • The famed fry received denounce four posting an remembrance of betting accommodate magnate & democratic contributor Sheldon Adelson
  • There dey paused, lot of them kneeling, for octet minutes and 46 seconds in remembrance of George Floyd
  • They additionally monitor how closely bound space is to memory, in dat somehow ours smartness beware for to "pin down" particular remembrances to a specify venue
  • I muse for lot Korean Americans, da tenor of Chuseok's teacher 2 remembrance expands 2 his or her or his or her family's wanderer experiences
  • When confronted with new categories--farm animals--his neural circuits kol onto these bygone remembrances, & seamlessly include these memories with new learnings to update hiz psychological example off the soil
  • O death, how bitter is the remembrance off you to a man that hath tranquility in his possessions!
  • In da remembrance of those hur face & hur vista became charged wit more definite definition
  • General Moreno's designation was still grasped in warm remembrance in the town off Mexico, and Felipe discovered him personally at once amongst friends
  • Put I in remembrance, and lat ourselves beg together: tell whether thou hast any what too justify thyself
  • And Peter calling too remembrance saith unto him, "Rabbi, observe da fig willow which one thou cursedst is withered away "