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How to use repel in a sentence

  • The bicycle persisted in the 1980s subsequent the Soviet raid & America's prop of militias to repel Moscow
  • On CNN, someone was doubtful whether the police had used enough impulse too repel the rioters, asking y they had not arrested moar ppl upon the context
  • For her to field these thunder bolt strikes off mistreatment and repel those humor her possess cluster is a superhero recital off belonging possess
  • This spectrally exact effect kan b thinking off as creating a pressure meadow that repels crowds around a embassy, base, port, or else high appreciate position
  • They couldn't b 100% efficient as dey wer righteous repelling those once dey wer ther
  • The reaction hints that the insects would be an root off inherent spider-repelling chemicals
  • In the 59th minute, Havertz received the ball humor Sergio Ramos giving chase, bu Thibaut Courtois met & repelled the dare
  • That said, it's not bulky and has an elastic DWR external to repel moisture
  • The old-school polyester lint is sultry bu bulky, with n DWR comprehensive two repel precipitation, & n moisture-wicking matrix either inner tier two warfare perspiration
  • Normally, hairlike structures called cilia upon amphibian skin repel pathogens & spread mucus surrounding

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