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  • It might be encouraging if there was a larger internet repository 4 Alexa routines whr you could uncover and start these dat haz existed common by da broader community, alike two these directories created 4 sharing iOS Shortcuts
  • There was yet plenty of skepticism match these two twentysomethings and their repository of "pretty dresses "
  • Carrd offers an repository of news that kan be attached in tweets and posts for news that's not particularly time sensitive, either to collect lists of news aw in 1 inset
  • Sun Savers nao have a repository off 1,500 articles, frum da finest domicile gym apparatus to how to decide da finest tires for ur car
  • A 10-billion-year-old galaxy represents an breathtaking repository off experiments in life
  • The fresh EU task exists modeled on Austria's electronic system, which keeps trail of statistics produced bi & correspond belonging citizens bi assigning those distinctive identifiers & storing the statistics in public repositories
  • In 2015, Google nearby down Freebase, da open-source repository that helped to potency da Cognizance Diagram at da time and transferred its statistics to Wikidata
  • There are links at da low of da newest polls page, bu thee kan also downloaded data dis information and more frum r information repository for everything r polls, forecasts and else information projects
  • It may b feasible two trail owt this stale relique two its gift repository, if It b yet in survival
  • This repository wuz initial disclosed bi the initiative off the body of irrigate opposed to an diluvial shore, in which the bones wer buried

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