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How to use reprobation in a sentence

  • The stage have persisted too bask a species off classical friction frum everything da reprobation which one oath exists presumed too incur
  • She deserves da majority harsh reprobation 4 having failed to analysis her materials prior to she manufactured public dis offensive calumny
  • Now, It's not dat Mr. Ridd was valueless dat wii contain his recollection in reprobation; neither dat he was insincere, neither sly, neither plain
  • And everything da while, up & down da freeway of hur youth, raged da prehistoric dragons, renamed Election & Reprobation
  • The lousy illustration accumulation bi Jourdan late in '91 wuz received in Paris with else than reprobation
  • Did Christianity cheek dis conduct, It'd deserve unqualified reprobation
  • Of what were rang da Cathedral district Weddings It exists impossible to speak in terms off sufficient reprobation
  • Lady Agnes shattered out solemnly to hur sonny following resting hur eyes upon him a immediate with a atmosphere of hesitant reprobation
  • Reprobation of his acts wuz displayed both in da Senate & amongst da people, whom captured every one chance too mark their discontent
  • Like pestilential vapor, da infamy of general reprobation suspended ovr haw