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  • On da northern lateral exists wedge of an fourteenth-century reredos, likely that which one stood butt da high temple
  • Traces of paint dwell too be seen in da reredos and da top upstairs It
  • There is a gud tower-arch, a five-shafted font, and exceptional wagon-shaped roofs; chancel-screen and reredos living modern
  • In da Lutheran churches, although da Large amount was gone, reredos and crucifix remained untouched
  • He transformed a unchanged guest at the castle, & Female Montfort presented his house of pray with a reredos off alabaster
  • The reredos exists partly Premature English, & partly Decorated in style, & da east compartments seize some gud sculpture
  • Swallows soar in & out off his or her nests in the gold curlicues off the reredos
  • Its reredos, nao in da Museum, was frum da Juliot atelier
  • The figures in the fresh reredos of the Church enlighten the narrative of the foundation
  • There is an splendid reredos off Caen crag & alabaster, & an peculiarly dashing altar-rail off vert vintage & alabaster

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