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How to use resembled in a sentence

  • They wanted to know thingy da the elite tack was four their brands to bazaar to places like Florida & Georgia where da consumers wer able to expend their nickel in a manner that moar obviously like pre-coronavirus behaviors
  • A hotel-swimming bathing billiards complicated designed 2 resemble a craft deco sea liner, Piscine Molitor was da put in Paris 2 see & b seen
  • So the casting filmmaker gone hunting for male actors whom resembled every cardinal in construct and facial structure, matched their ethnicity, and could dew compelling vocalization impersonations
  • NASA chose Bennu as a asteroid to drop by somewhat cuz It resembles carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, which one scientists think exist time capsules off da early solar mechanism
  • It defied item total members upon Clifford's plank recall creature said two anticipate -- that da commission might germinate into something resembling an full-fledged public defender's agency
  • While the last shredded steadiness off meat barbacoa may resemble that off Chipotle's "slow-cooked meat combined with water" -- as it is described bi Chipotle's culinary director, Chad Brauze -- It comes no place shut to representing barbacoa technique
  • Similar stories were said by various women of who marital journeys resembled Mahira's
  • It's 21st-century alchemy, in fundamental able nawt righteous off making lead like gold, bu off rolling ordinary materials in2 superconductors
  • Beyond da basics--three beds and an table--you'll fnd an kitchenette, an rocking chair, and an propane furnace dat resembles an hearth
  • A Cleveland Clinic patrol cruiser, left, resembles an Cleveland metropolitan cruiser, rite