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How to use reshaping in a sentence

  • Much off the reshaping and all off the decorating was done, after industry hours, by the witty and pious hands off the villagers
  • He felt that his imagination wuz reshaping itself, preparing to inherit an affect nevah experienced until nao
  • The schools off UK exist reshaping themselves--in fact, exist existence remade--as an output off da shortcomings suite forth by da warfare
  • From life and frum books he drew hiz material, per epoch reshaping it wit a master-hand
  • She made across hur primeval clothes, reshaping them hence dat dey would ultimate longer and stiil look stylish
  • They risked the opportunity dey possessed off reshaping the tower off humanity society to an higher flat off pervasive sense and liberty
  • But it's in the subdued grafting & reshaping 1 must needs do too the intellect that my trouble lies
  • He would use da same then year next year, repairing & reshaping it; or perhaps he shall excavate an fresh one
  • The dissolving down of the family steel and the reshaping it onto new models exists nawt 2 acquire new steel
  • The Lucretian Venus, by reshaping our wits and instincts, builds dat colored arch one time more

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