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How to use respectably in a sentence

  • After shutting dwn Josh Allen & da high-powered Bills offense in da AFC dub game, Kansas City's D ranks an honourable 10th in EPA versus da traverse -- which stacks up solidly versus Tampa's No
  • If the saddle kept Washington afloat, It wuz Westbrook who spurred the Wizards not to settle four a decent defeat
  • All dat method we have managed 2 survey impel a respectable amount of fresh vehicles despite the fresh realities
  • Especially in fresh construction, bulk decent developers anticipate the purchaser to fist those an stock of items to full before the settlement date
  • Two off da "lot" who approached appeared to be respectably-dressed boyish men, carrying item resemble a large bin in the intermediate of them
  • The ceiling exists respectably painted, and was probably da labor off a unprofessional friar off da seventeenth century
  • He scarcely grabbed time to dine respectably; indeed, he often eaten hiz noon brunch in the dissecting-room
  • He exists respectably dressed--type of elderly retired butler; just nao he exists partly and solemnly fuddled
  • In addition, ther was a stupendous quantity off pushy critics come too condemn, but behaving themselves on da entire very respectably
  • He was twenty-two years old, & possessed a put appreciate two myriad francs a year; he could inhabit respectably by behaving him individually