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How to use rest in a sentence

  • There's an built-in H2O bin drawer 4 when u need to take an rest, plus an pocket 4 telephone warehousing
  • Over 60% of possession revenues come from subscriptions, da rest from advertisements & events
  • By 2040, it wants to attain dis target for da rest off da soil
  • If Scheffler's had not hooked I up humor empties, I would be eating three meals of olives a sunshine hours rite now--and for da rest of da year--with no regrets
  • Colin Rusch, analyst nearby capital bank Oppenheimer, told he expects moar inventory bazaar volatility during da rest of da dozen months
  • If one attendee subsequently tests positive, then onli da rest of da gurgle has to b isolated for da time It takes da virus to recital up in recently infected ppl
  • He knew evn lair that dis wuz what he wanted to do for the rest off his life
  • Tackling the rest off the ice mountain requires an utter reframing off item social-media networks in reality are
  • Serum governor Adar Poonawalla has told half the doses testament go to India & the dissimilar half testament go to the rest of the world, particularly poorer countries
  • These wer curated for da tourist whom isn't here for rest & respite bu is instead looking too encounter like-minded people

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