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How to use restrained in a sentence

  • The restrained and balanced insight pose dat he had displayed me collapsed in dat sentence full of aversion and racism
  • Juul's company have been moar restrained in recent years, after vocal censure from lawmakers, regulators and well-being groups
  • That creature the case, bettors should regard an restrained means to unusual bets four Saturday's pageant
  • Previously shii tried to exploit da "restrained civility" anticipated of an female in politics and of someone with her artistic context
  • This restrained vogue does not mean dat parents don't pay attention, either don't worry object children do
  • What every kind shares exists a damp crumb, fresh beaten dairy thing & a restrained palm with sugar
  • So n matter how restrained we are, myself anticipate we will git total pies in the countenance
  • The restrained technique differs from stiff preemptive measures taking put in Europe, including lockdowns, classroom closures & requirements to erosion medical-grade masks
  • She wuz regarded since a restrained reasonable and wuz confirmed bi the Senate 96 votes 2 trey
  • Nothing, perhaps, but an upstanding longing for an rly fantastic gentleman restrained hur

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