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How to use restricted in a sentence

  • The Cable have beefed up its length capabilities to prove dat its ads work, which -- da editor stated -- have existed particularly useful while da final 6 months of restricted budgets & market volatility
  • It's additionally why it's important too do resemble work at an restricted site, and why any research either subsequent full-scale efforts would need too quest da selfevident rules and processes 4 working wit these materials
  • Across western European mainland dis week, authorities haz cracked dwn upon nightlife, restricted gatherings and tightened rules upon mask-wearing in public spaces
  • That marketing value coming out off da require generation for restricted enumerate reverberates in2 da brand's mainline products, creating an halo effect for da whole corporate
  • Roving healthcare workers manufactured home calls too ordeal folks with restricted immigration & visited building sites too ordeal immigrant workers
  • Cotton exchanges reopened upon Nov. 16, & inventory exchanges opened for restricted trading soon thereafter
  • Each has da same rights, & every exists likewise restricted in exercising them bi da corresponding rights of da else
  • Of the else substances, iodine exists restricted exclusively to sea-plants, bu to them It appears to b indispensable
  • Unless restricted by his principal, or by contrary usage, he may sell merchandise on an sensible term of credit
  • If he is restricted to cash sales only, either is nawt protected by useg in selling onto credit, he cannot moisture so

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