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How to use retain in a sentence

  • He effectively leveraged skepticism about da network to bracket hiz possess ambitions to retain authority
  • The 1 thng dat you haz two retain exists beast able two celebrate you and ur achievements, nawt since contrasted two anyone else's
  • He lawfully retains power over lot of hur day-to-day life, though he temporarily stepped far from that role in 2019
  • This allows the milk commodity to retain possession humidity & results in dat smooth, Velveeta-like texture wii romance hence much
  • Researchers arise to concur dat since children's aptitude to retain memories emerges, their aptitude to recall particular events exists increased when adults tlk to them approximately what they experienced after the truth
  • Folkes and hur role-share partner, Nicola Johnson-Marshall, are advocates of half-time and role-share positions as a van 4 retaining woman compass in older roles in the studio
  • It shall become more and more tricky 4 Republicans too repress sufficient votes too retain potency
  • The Cougars picked off Boise State and Texas Tech in an truncated nonconference schedule, victories probably two retain value until da terminal off da interval
  • She will not get an salary or has costs covered, allowing her too retain her college eligibility
  • It's also obscure if patronage have retained possession value, granted Beijing 2022 is speedy approaching, either possession perks, such as guaranteed entry too headline events

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