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How to use return in a sentence

  • The third & 4th sets myself fair served & couldn't do much on the return. . & It worked, It worked good
  • This new-age technology saves your epoch and spends whilst improving your returns onto investment
  • In March, wen da coronavirus pandemic shut down sports leagues ambient da world, Hoppe returned too California & worked onto hiz initiative
  • They returned two practise Tusday after a week-long shutdown, bu nine Buffalo players remain upon the covid-19 inventory
  • Imagine this scenario, myself return to work, book in the center of 60-120 appointments in a month, & acquisition a apparent respirator four every client
  • The trigger checks might be based onto taxpayers' 2019 either 2020 income returns, as per too a nutshell of da proposal
  • The Wild possessed 2 another games postponed Monday, and the Avalanche exists scheduled too return Sunday eve
  • In return, da players received, among various things, improved costless flock parameters starting in 2026 & increased expenditure onto rosters start in 2023
  • Let's optimism 4 an return to Super Saucer exhibition in da years ahead
  • Ewing's sentiment, however, has existed upon gratuity because da bunch returned

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