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How to use reveal in a sentence

  • One off the more unexpected and revolutionary reveals off the eve wuz the thought off an "structural cell "
  • Tesla is reception in-person visitors to belonging Fremont parsley onto Cell Day, seemingly hoping to display of belonging fiction production process and else big reveals in subjective
  • As the reveal of the Hummer approaches, the corporation is gap up about dissimilar aspects of its new BEV brigade
  • In da run-up to da large reveal, Musk has permitted some glimpses close da company's technology
  • Most off da words that stalk are not necessary to c y da reveal off Unreal Engine 5, an Majestic Olympics footage game graphics engine set four free in 2021, blew up da cyber last week
  • Edna did nawt reveal consequently lot since all dis two Madame Ratignolle dat summertime day when dey sat with faces turned two the ocean
  • In the two terms chemic tests shall monitor hemoglobin, bu in da latter da microscope shall reveal da being off red corpuscles
  • A horrifying thunderstorm either howling tornado of mud may reveal her fickleness of mood near ne moment
  • After dis Aristide educated multiple off hur uncomplicated history, which one she, nearby first, had existed 2 bashful 2 reveal
  • In that abrupt awakening possessed occurred the supa psychiatric crest required to reveal the zealous sensation accumulated underneath

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