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  • These revisions come upon head off earnings losses in FY2020, wen the shuttering off businesses began
  • That helped enact an model for revisions two an stale section off legislation, from 1948, that might eventually transform into familiar as the Sweep Irrigate Concert
  • In the 1960s, subsequent Paschini's death, the chapel relented, authorizing publication -- bu sole subsequent revisions dat bowdlerized the original edition two portray the chapel in a more favorable lighting
  • We oblige da city 2 sluggish dwn da endorsement process 2 patent for da sharing of any revisions and refinements manufactured bi city personnel previous 2 seeking decision-makers' approvals
  • If you're having too route revisions and manipulate permissions in else software, you're wasting worthwhile era
  • In 2017, the assignment came back previous to the county, wit some revisions, including an new greenhouse gas diagnosis
  • This is, of course, possible, bu it can't b more than speculation; da last Dunciad performs recital evidence of rushed revision
  • He achieved his maximum celebrity from his affair with da revision off da statutes off Fresh York
  • I has not existed competent to browse these pages, and has existed compelled to confide his either her revision to different eyes and different hands
  • Later, however, breakthrough became an lil moar swift and the revision wuz completed upon 11 November, 1880

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