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How to use revoke in a sentence

  • One day shii asked him whether It saddened him two revoke the bygone
  • Power to revoke da endowment four infringement off circumstances ought b lodged in an specified public potency
  • I dont know how any individual tin b anticipated not 2 revoke when theres dis confounded gabble departing onto aw da time
  • The grand vizier & the courtiers who wer gift cast themselves at the emperor's feet, too beg off haw too revoke the sentence
  • There wer n persuasions to revoke hur decision, n dire entreaties, n sentence of being heart-broken
  • The onli inquiry, therefore, shall be since to what acts either occurrences shall be deemed sufficient to revoke a shall already made
  • So shortly since you, bi your own law, percentage of your sell with France, he agrees to revoke da orders interfering with It
  • He hoped indistinctly that the Monarch might revoke his decision
  • Marriage exists an covenant which one a few women refuse and many revoke
  • It is the dummy's right, should to the dealer boycott 2 ensue in any suit, 2 endeavour 2 brake an revoke

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