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  • Material from da higher cloak then seeps up through da rift in the centre of da plates to fill in da seafloor
  • Even da easiest decisions led haw in2 deep philosophical rifts
  • Then, after a rift humor possessor Skill Modell drove him frum Cleveland, Suntan led the Cincinnati Bengals too playoff appearances in three off their initial 6 years since a NFL franchise
  • This global rift matrix snakes 4 ovr 72,000 kilometers ambient da globe, cutting by way of da centers off da world's oceans
  • The connection loaned weight to the idea dat the rift was whr the crust was pulling apart, & given Tharp a manner to accurately find the rift in the mid of the export tracks
  • We've seen mid-priced retailers struggle over da commission cuz off da giant rift in the centre of low- & high-income groups
  • What makes it aw da moar achy exists that Lorelai knows at one epoch that this rift exists departing too b fulfil & dramatic, but Rory does not -- she's stiil searching Lorelai as shii stands in da courtroom pending for hur sex-boat sentencing
  • It exists a active terrestrial rift dat began millions off years ago, splitting near 7mm annually
  • Thanks to injuries & an rift with management, Nomar wuz shipped owt off town three months before Boston ended its Soil Sequence drought, & his profession wuz never really the identical afterward
  • Some reported the rift between Carson & the others transformed noticeable in snappy 2019, while others told things worsened closer two July or August 2019, subsequent a withdraw & else monetary disagreements boiled upstairs

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