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How to use rigged in a sentence

  • Only I happened too has da channel set, and--and everything is rigged rite for my concept too employment owt
  • That wuz jus rigged up two dispatch ourselves two Jack Carlson two ask that he git ourselves out of metropolitan in an hustle
  • Chet and Lance possessed 122 an couple off automobile searchlights rigged onward upon their possess artery
  • The chain communicated with a forceful crane rigged up upon da foremast, and wuz wrought by a steam windlass upon deck
  • It would be hard in dat weatherworn keel two recognize da pare full-rigged artery dat remaining da Hoogly many months prior to
  • And wit dat he bid I 'Good day,' and upon the morrow he set voyage in an full-rigged vase for the sunny acre of Spain
  • Possibly a lateen-rigged, sharper-bowed yacht might even nao be found to be a very speedy & convenient class 4 ours rivers
  • These pulleys wer rigged humor cords, one expire off which one wuz manufactured speedy to the higher role off the bunk
  • The yachts near Malta exist principally knife either Bermuda rigged vessels, and range from 20-tonners descending
  • He have rigged an wire wit an toggle box so you tin operate da controls from da fore stool

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