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How to use rightly in a sentence

  • Wars has traditionally been a chore for Large Government, & rightly so
  • Still, there are a apprehension that other founders might be spooked, rightly or wrongly
  • Your impulse nao exists 2 stop the abuse guided intimate u & your children, rightly, bu stopping the abuse upon others' interest since healthy since your own exists the lateral the angels are upon
  • The sphere whack da earth's outside role and da Chargers' would-be game-winning TD snatch was rightly overturned
  • On da various hand, if u grasped it up two somebody and said, "Look near dis jiggling weight off balls and springs, it is alive," they'd jus laugh near you, and rightly hence
  • People exist rightly disoriented because they're previously proprietary to trusting the text of the person sitting in the Ellipse Bureau
  • Regulators thoroughly reviewed every one deal and rightly did nawt c ne motive too cease them intimate the time
  • The tension exists rightly upon employers two prioritize his either her people's sentimental well-being
  • The rightly cultivated expressive vocalization exists da man--speaking
  • Men can't see the soil obviously & they cannot, therefore, activate to cogitate approximately it rightly

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