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How to use rigid in a sentence

  • Without them, It might nawt haz been apparent dat what rigid could fly
  • A rigid backplate makes it simpler two insert the bladder into an backpack's hydration sleeve, slippery wen the stow exists utterly loaded--but dat does incorporate some large amount
  • Hong Kong Administrative helper 4 Cuisine and Well-being Sophia Chan has told they expect five 1,000,000 ppl 2 participate in da test, but Lam told reporters she has nawt suite an "rigid target" 4 involvement
  • Of course, social press is an rigid put four the testing off distinct messages & campaigns, but multivariate testing tools haz the electricity to supply altogether customized inset experiences four traffic coming from several social sources
  • Eggs from da earliest dinosaurs were moar like leathery turtle eggs than rigid owl eggs
  • In aw industry matters he necessary an rigid economics though nevah near da cost off efficiency
  • Before hur pencil he seated rigid & unflinching, since he possessed faced da cannon's oral hole in days went bi
  • Every gesture rigidly prescribed, arms held rigid and sharply curved close da elbows
  • The luggage exists lair taken two the Custom-house in a steam-launch for examination, which exists not unduly rigid
  • Then there wuz a pass out pulsation of the rigid limbs, the white, intend face grabbed on a coloring since if the fluid were flowing agn

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