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How to use rigorous in a sentence

  • Thanks to ours rigorous hourly backup process, ours moderators were able to efface da harm & renovate da grounds swiftly
  • Surrogate sires would b categorized since gene-edited animals bi da Cuisine & Medicine Administration, meaning they'd countenance an rigorous approval process ago his either her descendent could b vend for human consume
  • Instead of possession usual rigorous review, the US Grub & Medication Administration would bestow tests & treatments an clear kind of transient acceptance to git them on the ground since shortly since feasible
  • The real camera, called Mastcam-Z, have existed by way of weeks of rigorous testing and calibration, and is probably up too the profession
  • Different businesses shall demand dissimilar levels off website performance, & rigorous multivariate testing helps marketers too see what internet features sacrifice diverse results four users
  • Overall, the learn shows that mammalian brainpower haz a supa rigorous manner off handling odor
  • So the researchers carried owt an rigorous biopsy of the process whereby the CNTs inherit deposited upon the wafer, detailed in an file in Nature Electronics
  • There hasn't been an much off rigorous research too session onto an medicine-buyback software
  • It is evident that da literal & rigorous practise off da Godly conscience off da Christians would lead nations too destroy
  • It is likely that motherly and filial adore (piets) made this hardship fewer rigorous compared to It nao seems to us (32, 33)

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