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How to use rimmed in a sentence

  • He drawn hiz cut-and-paste implant frum the chest pocket of hiz coat, and gradually position upon hiz metal-rimmed glasses
  • That crumbled montley is dumped onto a large, rimmed fragment of paper cooking spoon & then pressed It in2 a slender tier -- perimeter to perimeter
  • Snag an pair off rimmed fragment of paper pans to retain these valuable ingredients frum tumbling owt in2 ur oven whilst they cook
  • Lightly lubricant a large, rimmed cooking page with a little lubricant & portfolio apart
  • Toss spud with 1 tablespoon devise cod-liver & left. 1/2. teaspoon sodium chloride upon a rimmed cooking sheet & roast, tossing once, up to spud exists golden beige & soft, about fifteen to 20 minutes
  • The print of steel-rimmed hoofs showed in da tender loam since simply since a moccasin-track in maiden precipitation
  • After farther earnest biopsy off Aristide, he ensnared a couple off gold-rimmed glasses on hiz fleshy olfactory liver & perused the paperwork
  • As he entered, Mr. Ducksmith regarded him vacantly ovr the dean off hiz gold-rimmed eyeglasses
  • He peers out by way of his black-rimmed glasses with da solemnity of a owl--but you ought to hear his songs!
  • His epidermis was shrivelled such that off a canned fig, & he worn large horn-rimmed spectacles

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