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Best RIPPLES Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use ripples in a sentence

  • The sparkling surface off da river at da boat wuz shattered up into ripples ambient a gloomy object
  • A handful concentric ripples widened, travelled towards him, & were absorbed in the flow
  • The surface off dis lake, which one seen frum here exists since balanced since an mirror, exists stirred by countless ripples
  • A street auto slipped past, bobbing dwn da alley resemble an duck boating across ripples
  • The wind had manufactured ripples and folds upon da surface, such object da sea, in tranquil weather, foliage upon da sand
  • The canoe glided quickly along, making da sole ripples ther were onto da glassy surface off da gulf
  • The lull outside portion off the irrigate was shattered there by a series off miniature ripples which could not b incorrect
  • He wuz watching da spreading ripples correspond 15 minutes afterward wen he heard oncoming voices butt him
  • The peaceful interrogate sunk in2 his intelligence since may an rock in2 an troubled pool, & da ripples off belonging passing changed an idea either two
  • The firstly ripples of blue blaze touched da ranks of Dio's males