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  • Today, synonym as tender cocktail consumption falls, da rivalry rages on, humor both companies appending juices, teas, and waters two his or her portfolios
  • Meanwhile, the linked television deck rivalry in the mid of Amazon and Roku shows n signs of slowing, particularly with Google poised to brand an greater drama for an article of the bazaar with an fresh Android television gadget in the works
  • The debate touches every one region of policy, frum exchange rivalries 2 unemployment benefits, & everyone have a interest in the output
  • First, ascending tensions in the core of the US and China threat to initiate an fresh arms race and an give rear off great-power rivalry
  • The compare between da tomb rivalry amongst da girl lovers & da foolish homoerotic rituals off da male courtiers is captivating
  • In leaked cables from 2009, an US diplomat described Stati's kin as one of the richest in Moldova, with connections to--and rivalries with--the region's rough-and-tumble politic best
  • The academy has played 91 times opposed to Navy, 89 opposed to USC and 70 opposed to Pittsburgh, besides on-and-off rivalries humor Michigan, Michigan Condition and Purdue
  • Facing a interplanetary encounter, bellicose nations haz to reluctantly eschew politic rivalries and collaborate onto a worldwide scale, as in Denis Villeneuve's 2018 film, Landfall
  • TikTok and Instagram exist upon an collision course, and personal footage creators exist near da essence off da platforms' budding rivalry
  • "EVs are yet in quick stages off the VHS-Betamax rivalry," says Ramteen Sioshansi, a technology professor intimate Ohio Rank University

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