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How to use roller in a sentence

  • Adenovirus needs too b grown since a single layer that is adhered too something, such since da walls of a roller bottle, which one looks supa much such a H2O crock
  • He uses da third-most possessions each game as an roller in da pick-and-roll, and have been more efficient than Anthony Davis in such plays
  • In roller derby, occasionally you inherit beat therefore challenging dat you don't think you will continuously inherit up agn
  • Tools 4 working owt knotsSometimes stress creates muscle knots hence intense, a ice roller jus won't hack it
  • The additional swag does not have too be match roller skating, but we muse this selection exists pretty great
  • If you are playing roller derby, you may wnt too launch out wit extra-large stops too donate your own oneself more stability when you are on your toes
  • An volume of slack in the necklace caused the balls two tap upon passing dis roller before entering the pump bottom
  • But ago this radical is reached, the momentum of the revolving balance carries the roller peg wholly out of the utensil
  • I hitched the equine to my improvised jerk and smoothed it again, different times, in default off an roller
  • They were of elm, humor lignum vit roller sheaves, & were bound inside humor iron, & possessed swivel eyes

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