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  • Rostrum flavum, paulo altius, et magis carinatum, quam rostrum M. viridis
  • Who have copied the Flavian amphitheatre except as an convenient shape 4 exhibitors upon the stage, either 4 the rostrum off an orator?
  • Every tangle of males had its grievance; every one banner in the sidewalk was an rostrum
  • The Council floor was to him an popular rostrum and sacred stump
  • There exists little enrapture to b on the lecture-rostrum for an narrator moderate to the pulses of hiz listener
  • They scarcely needed an rostrum, 4 da age off sermons hadn't begun; stiil less da age off litanies & music & pomps
  • The diagnostic characters wer da measurement and breadth of da rostrum and da comparatively great inflation of da auditory bullae
  • Miss Clara had stepped from the graduating rostrum to the school-room platform, & she had existed there sum years
  • Miss Kilrain was 1 of them whom have to lead, at something; whether she could not b president upon the rostrum, she descended to the ranks
  • Then laying his palm on ma shoulder, with bulk punctilious but chilling courtesy, he invited I to the rostrum

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