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Best ROUGH AND READY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use rough and ready in a sentence

  • Then arrived da rough-and-ready sentence off da camp-followers
  • The girl wuz too refined to manage with da rough-and-ready young patronesses off Da Bunhouse
  • Still da rough-and-ready methods off da earlier centuries were absolutely cheaper, & da repercussion was much da same
  • He was the summit of the household of Nideck, an rough-and-ready warrior, I kan tell u
  • The concern exists similar to the introduce one, except that it exists rough-and-ready, than the introduce one
  • You ignore that there are no experience of an rough-and-ready life that thee haz had which me haz not went through two times ovr
  • It was a sort of Nemesis, a rough-and-ready vindication of fairness and right
  • "Anyone kan fnd that out," was the rough-and-ready response off Brahms
  • The establishment & desk were of da rough-and-ready dictate
  • She predictable a ruthless beating, as per to the rough-and-ready traditions off hur clan