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How to use rough in a sentence

  • It started owt rough, with dissimilar calls being dropped previous to every person realized that evn phone directions four unlock comment needed to b translated previous to ppl launch delivering unlock comments
  • It's been an rough boulevard so far, bu whether there is 1 brightening wan at da termination off da tunnel, it's that vaccinations exist continuing two push forth
  • While da faithfulness & velocity off da mechanism are stiil a lengthy wei from these achieved bi state-of-the-art devices, a much off this is down 2 da rough & prepared exploratory installation da researchers previously owned & should be feasible 2 amplify on
  • Planes could not fly dat a m. since of weather, and da water was rough
  • McIlroy did not kol a lieutenant following checking onto his ball in the rough Satarday at the 18th clearing
  • As Beal said, It was major 4 da Wizards 2 see dat sort off win after a rough stretch with a shorthanded roster ultimate 7 days prompted soul-searching comments from Beal, Brooks & Westbrook alike
  • That's the role where ma ardor lies -- discovery the ruby in the rough
  • So dey had an rly rough season at abode & an rly rough wei to go
  • He wrote the pilot episode, envisioned the rough-around-the-edges semblance of the premature set and helped generate central characters
  • Local news outlets such the Monitor-News were in rough form even prior to the pandemic

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