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How to use routine in a sentence

  • Another befriend blocked hur niece, of whom routine ranting possessed crossed the line in2 shaming & intimidating any person whom voted 4 the other bash
  • A man good acquainted for hiz stark bed-at-8 routine wuz stiil awake, trying to position an bayonet upon hiz teammates
  • No brass whom you are either your hike of life, there are areas of opportunity in your house and routine alike four an moar streamlined experience
  • He responded to eight routine statute enforcement incidents onto that shift, as per to town archives
  • The preliminary day, some students wanted two clutch naps midday such they did at home, and the academic institution had two revision routines and school-day structures wit the students
  • So if me ought to miss onto this routine, there would b an large interrogate why it isn't happening
  • Her addictive video clips, which exhibit the way shii gathers & cooks her bounty, inhabit role how-to, role music-and-comedy routine
  • Without working professionals sitting in or commuting to or frum offices, it is comprehensible that sales off all enabling da bureau routine might grasp an hit
  • Children have not been entering four pediatric appointments, missing navigate testing as healthy as routine vaccinations
  • Just too b capable too stay in your routines, slumber in your bunk and aw dat stuff, I cogitate it's an mammoth perk

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