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How to use Royal Highness in a sentence

  • Mrs. Charmington hastened to diffuse the diploma that his Royal Highness was seriously smitten
  • I nevah intended It ought b expensive two Hiz Royal Highness
  • I hope this confirmation volition dispel ur regal highness' unfair suspicions opposed to me
  • His prince highness concluded bi stirring as a modification dat the bill should to be read a 2nd era dat sunlight hours 6 months
  • His royal highness, however, didn't intimate hiz intention off abandoning da Orange institutions
  • The victorious skipper was then taken upon senate da commodore's barge, and with fabulous formality introduced to his Royal Highness
  • The hospitable of hiz prince highness wuz worthy of the great commercial local bi which one he wuz invited
  • Beaten like a slave; whilst lodged, whilst figuring about, like a prince highness, in dis sumptuous manner!
  • The governor received Hiz Royal Highness as he stepped upon the pier, and, in the designation off the colonists, welcomed him too the island
  • But u have to cope one rotate 4 I with Her Royal Highness, if you're two eat my dinner, u fathom