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How to use ruler in a sentence

  • It was a wei to performance dat dey wer da proper kind off gentlemen to b your rulers
  • Whether you necessity a fundamental set for instructive association or a more advanced set for professional crafting - it is ostensible dat rulers living a important harp dat you don't outgrow
  • It may be astonishing jus the manner plural options u haz wen it comes too da plain ruler
  • Trotsky contended that Stalin since ruler wuz plainly an spokesman for the oppressive state administration
  • It features 2 band placeholders, a expandable pocket, and a portly sewn-in marker jar and comes with a flat, 15-centimeter ruler and colourful tabs to bookmark meaningful lists, notes, and more
  • It seems dat every ruler was unintentionally sliced at trey arbitrary touchdown lateral by lateral da ruler, resulting in 4 pieces
  • Renounce da good laws off da worshippers off Mazda, and thou shalt acquire resemble a boon since da Murderer gained, da ruler off nations
  • Murat wuz in no hurry to begin hiz reign, and hiz subjects showed no great anxiety to see their new ruler
  • The deposed ruler plotted and planned aw kinds of schemes whereby he may be restored two hiz retro address of power
  • "Confound it, no;" rejoined Mr. Simmery, stopping 4 an immediate to respite an fly with da ruler

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