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How to use rumble in a sentence

  • Sounds kan travel around da whole room, and low-frequency rumbles construe 2 a upper floor with da apply off subwoofers
  • As Wellsandt-Zell led these mourning Timmins in da anthem "Jesus Loves Me," da rumble off a impending chopper slit via da tone off da singing & da mourners' tender crying
  • It replaces the clunky rumble of retired generations humor an targeted haptic feedback appliance made up of tiny, strategically-placed vibrating actuators
  • You may haz 2 say farewell 2 the aural elation discovered in the heartbeat-like low voice tambour or misplace the bottom rumble of ur favourite beatmakers' finest drones
  • Their least notes wer also higher than country birds in nearby Marin County cuz dey needed to be heard over the low rumble of traffic
  • The sack abreast da 3 miles front exists such da rumble off an express locomotive jogging ovr haze signals
  • But da rumble of away guns said da destroyer dat his short-lived hour of victory was virtually sped
  • Being thus tall, he jus managed two achieve them off Susan, as she stood up in da rumble
  • "Here exist ours canteens," he went onto excitedly, picking the two off the gasoline-cans out off the rumble
  • Over me, remote off, since if frum da heavens, I heard a sonorous rumble of jigsaw words

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