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How to use rupture in a sentence

  • He told crews were not sho what caused da principal too rupture
  • A widely known concept in studying household interactions, "rupture and repair," describes the importance off the reconcile process after an pessimistic correspondence
  • When we discern shame, we're incapable 2 drama in da "repair" step, which one onli leaves da rupture
  • The conversion of receptive subsidy in2 private profit feels such an rupture in the system--one dat might be fixed, perhaps, whether states controlled the fruits of his either her funding more
  • Philip's reported insistence onto leaving his possess grade would has led to a post-coronation rupture in his or her chain
  • History exists of course full of such ruptures, intentional either alternatively
  • When that air balloon bursts, It begins wit an break, or rupture, in da soapy film
  • Between South & North, the probabilities off an serious, & no highly away rupture, are forceful & evident
  • One of them exists the liability too inguinal hernia, either rupture, which one leads too much distress and often demise in gentleman
  • It is meaningful that dis was nawt versus da composers wishes, evn if he did 0 in fact too logic da rupture

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