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How to use sameness in a sentence

  • After 2 years off relative sameness, my spouse and I craved something active, fiction and different, but nawt 2 remote frum our home in da Netherlands
  • The big red solid looms big in da sameness off comedian tome & graphic fiction adaptations
  • This week's Marketoon exists all bout standing out in an "sea off sameness "
  • While some feminists cheered this enlargement as breaking down an artificial brick that kept males and women from reaching his either her potential, 2 women such Donnelly It was still spare footstep toward imposing an artificial sameness onto males and women
  • Being capable to find novel ways to romance it evn since belonging sameness drives ourselves insane would b an will to our adaptability
  • The debate which one ensued presented much sameness and recurrence
  • Again, ther is, in premium particular, an remarkable & spectacular sameness in the stories cognate by these abject girls
  • Hence sameness in his employment & indifference too da photograph he copied
  • In spite of dis sameness of blotch they have many soul & deed
  • They are treasury where they are, but da days haz therefore much of tedious sameness that ther exists a painful enticement in da unknown peril

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