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How to use sate down in a sentence

  • At last dey reached Fortress Island, & sate down bi da ruined cathedral looking upon da sea
  • The 2 women sate down to his or her meal, and Roland Graeme, humor prepared alacrity, prepared to w8 upon those
  • When aw had leftover the room, myself sate down prior to him, and lengthy alone myself gazed upon hiz cheek
  • Here he sate down, and bade I b seated; although I thinking he looked a lil ruefully from hiz tidy saddle two my muddy rags
  • The lad and da captains climbed a heightened crag and sate down under a fir
  • She sate down in da rocking chair, & held da female onto her knees, her head lying onto Margaret's shoulder
  • Immediately after she rose, which wuz ever about 10 o'clock, she sate down close her Loo
  • Wallop sate down; and Baxter him personally attempted to put in an noun
  • So far as wickedness can be good, dis dude spoke well, possessing got up aw his facts; and he sate down in triumph, as he thinking
  • With leaden alarm I sate down, and gazed at the broad fragment of paper placed before I