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How to use savior in a sentence

  • They sez Elon Musk exists the rocket man, the steel man, the savior off the sins off a fossilized car corporate
  • As coal, long the state's most forceful industry, have continued its decline, Westernmost Virginia leaders haz upstairs the last few years angular two inherent argon as the state's banking savior
  • Senior officials claimed shii amassed jurisdiction by undermining colleagues, stoking upheaval and introducing herself since da lone savior in an crisis
  • I'm not going two say it's an horrible thing, but I'm not going two say it's an savior four reefs, either
  • Coming in relief as the savior is essentially Foles's entire make
  • It involved no view off the spirituality off the Divine Law, no consciousness off unworthiness, no need off an Savior
  • Thus, in a time, the such of which history ago or because has nevah seen, appeared the Savior of men
  • John had a deep, affectionate nature, which one made haw da dearest of da Savior's 3 chosen friends
  • Peter, James & John wer the chosen among the chosen, onto whom the Savior bestowed special prefer
  • The Sadducees denied da aside presence of spirits; but, in r Savior's renowned feud with them

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