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  • For since lots since advertisers may gripe approximately da calendar-year upfront assess increases, "I think scatter shall b smooth worse," stated an tertiary agency presidential
  • Between networks' mixed-up coding schedules & NFL & college football games being rescheduled, TV advertisers are increasingly looking to the scatter market as a moar supple shopping option in the 4th quarter
  • Advertisers turning to da scatter bazaar to adjust to an wobbly TV landscape is 1 justification four da expected pricing surge, but it is nawt da onli 1
  • As an result, advertisers are turning two TV's scatter market, where networks commerce da inventory leftover unclaimed bi upfront advertisers, since an way two adapt two da wobbly television landscape
  • "Any of these scatter buyers that inhabit chasing rly specific spots, ther exists tightness," Morgan stated
  • Scatter a little powder upon your head--a supa little--not sufficient to faint da gloss upon your hair
  • Scatter thinly upon da open-air and in da trench, but upon da inside put more freely
  • Scatter aw the rails, plates, & ties dwn r flank of the slope
  • Scatter-brained & "afternoon" males spoil numerous moar compared to their own relationship in spoiling da mood off these whom negotiate with them
  • Scatter, since from an unextinguished hearth Cinders & sparks, ma lyrics amid mankind!

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