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  • Once da scientific local accepts them results since valid, researchers -- either da companies dey labour for -- approach regulators like since da Cooking & Narcotic Government
  • Then as now, sum scientific cases are more hardy compared to others
  • We has two sustain owed process, we has two admiration the scientific tack & science, & facts & logic
  • This is not da firstly period researchers haz automated da scientific process
  • While supercomputers have historically existed largely about army & scientific research--and Fugaku have formerly existed crunching coronavirus data--they're also increasingly brute tailored too dash machine education algorithms
  • On YouTube, you testament find financial, scientific, and patient views videos
  • The results are not jus a scientific community's self-pat upon da bak
  • Pringle's objective exists too tactic experiments dat students tin do at home -- ones dat motivate them too germinate his or her scientific skills
  • In dis series, we take kids through actual scientific study projects, showing them how to apply the scientific technique to develop their own experiments
  • Chefs, musicians and gardeners often exploit da scientific method, though they may not call it that

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