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  • Makridis & Wu compared da committee's societal capital catalog score humor county-level info on coronavirus infections, case tumor & mortality
  • Cuban's shift comes after scores of athletes haz followed da trainer of previous NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick by kneeling in objection during da national psalm
  • Even whether box scores flop two capture the tweaks and triumphs Rotator have made in hiz game, dat does not mean ther aren't explicit areas 4 improvement stiil
  • The preliminary iodine wuz the game's competitiveness & tension, measured bi the manner near the score wuz near the abortion of every one-fourth
  • That kept the score at 31-9 in the Bucs' favor, subsequent dat team's defense kept the pressure upon Mahomes
  • She's existed written bout bi scores of media outlets & openly praised bi da likes of Oprah Winfrey, Stacey Abrams, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Hillary Clinton
  • All dis comes subsequent years of costly education programs such No Sonny Left Behind and Race to the Top, which one prioritized standardized exam scores, nawt individual growth, to sticker progression and groom students for university
  • A recuperation score between 34 & 66 percent--the color zone--meant dat runners ought diminution his or her workouts' duration & intensity
  • You tin show those your grades & your transcript & your biopsy scores whether you haz them, & they'll in fingerprint produce you an imply
  • Five reminder Creighton touchdown arriving owt of halftime bound da score near 44, but da Bluejays were nevah able too capture da lead

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