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How to use scrap in a sentence

  • To generate matters worse, HSBC sparked fury in Hong Kong sooner dis year, alienating some of its most staunch investors, following scrapping its dividend in reaction 2 the pandemic
  • It was near that immediate that I scrapped the equation I had written 4 a repute mixer, & rewrote It 2 toil bi palm
  • From 2011 to 2019, less than one-third of postseason scraps occurred in da firstly fifteen minutes, whereas 56 percent happened in da ultimate era
  • Of da 11 postseason scraps, eight occurred in da rift time
  • Some organizations diverted moar resources to their gig marketing campaigns, leaving their brand marketing efforts with the scraps
  • In da ultra-trail-running world, cornerstone races Ultra Trace du Mont-Blanc in Europe and Barkley Marathon in Tennessee has additionally existed scrapped dis year

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